If you work for a startup involved in the fight against climate change, we have what you need to take your venture to the next level. Baltics & Slovakia ClimAccelerator program is delivered by cleantech experts and tailored to support startups in the region.

#ClimAccelerator helps you scale your solution and take your venture globally, attracting potential investors and vastly expanding your reach.

Three stages

Stage #1

Business model development

Intended to help early-stage Start-ups refine and develop their specific USP and business model.

  • Focus on business fundamentals, testing the business model;
  • First 2 weeks intensive workshop focusing on developing a comprehensive business case and efficient pitch deck;
  • Further, 1:1 sessions with the business coach to set milestones and move further;
  • Voluntarily thematic sessions on business development, sustainability, etc.;
  • 1:1 sessions with different industry mentors
  • Climate impact assessment workshop

Grant: 2 850 EUR

Stage #2

Customer traction & validation

In this stage participants will develop and validate business models with real-life customers, plan the development of their products/services, focus on the essentials of finance, sales, marketing.

  • Program will start with participation to ”Tartu Start-up days” and a stage time in the conference;
  • Intensive 1:1 sessions with the business coach to set milestones and move further; 
  • Thematic sessions on business development, sustainability, etc. 
  • 1:1 sessions with different industry mentors 
  • Climate Impact assessment & validation
  • Pitching and networking in an international ‘Investor Days’

Convertible note investment: 50 000 EUR

(20 000 EUR cash + services from Climate-KIC + 3 month Acceleration program)
EIT Climate-KIC as a strategic seed investor.
*Click on text to read more about Climate-SAFE investment terms

Stage #3

Embracing collaboration & accessing finance

In this stage focus is put on preparing for investment attraction, building networks, and collaborations – within Climate-KIC Alumni network and elsewhere.

  • Thematic sessions on business development, sustainability, etc.
  • Sessions with different industry mentors
  • Climate Impact assessment & validation
  • Pitching and networking in an international ‘Investor Days’
  • Insight into further investment opportunities

Funding: no grant, but qualitative program content aimed for investment attraction

Benefits for the startup

Hands-on program

Financial support

1:1 mentoring & coaching

Networking events

Access to investors


We are looking for people passionate about fighting climate change. General requirements:

  • Team with minimum 2 founders
  • Company isn’t older than 5 years
  • Founders have >75% equity of their company
  • Startup must be incorporated, or plan to incorporate in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania or Slovakia
  • Scalable solution
  • Potential high climate impact or significant climate adaptation
  • Looking for one of the first investments
  • Full commitment to the program

Guidance and Eligibility Principles for financial spending: HERE


Application is EXTENDED until 28th of June (23:59 EEST)! APPLY NOW!


WATCH THE RECORDING OF THE INFO SESSION ABOUT THE PROGRAM (*information about the coaching part applies to Latvian start-ups, so it might slightly differ in other countries) (RECORDING HERE)

Note: Once you’ve applied on the f6s platform, we will review your application internally and invite applicants to pitch their idea before full acceptance.

Accepted applicants will be notified to move to the next steps: to sign contracts during the summer and start the active participation in the program from the end of August until November 2022


Sharing a vision of contributing to a green and sustainable future, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Slovakia are joining their efforts to boost the development and deal flow of cleantech start-ups. The partnership brings expertise in green business development, innovation, commercialisation support and is committed to systemic change.

This programme is supported by EIT Climate-KIC, the biggest network of cleantech and sustainability companies and institutions inside the EU.


Frequently Asked Questions

This program is dedicated to the non-incorporated teams (who will register the company before the program starts) and startups (no older than five years since incorporation). There have to be at least two people working on a project and focusing on a new technology or service with high potential for both commercial viability and climate impact. And the start-up must be registered in one of the Baltic states or in Slovakia

You can apply if you are resident or if your startup is established in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania or Slovakia.

You can apply as a natural person. If you get accepted to the program, you have to register a legal entity in order to receive the grant money.

No, the programme is free of charge.

I takes approx. 2-3 months. In 2022, the program will run from the end of August until around end of November. The contracts with start-ups will be organized throughout the summer.

You have to fill the application form on f6s platform form between 2022-05-03 and 2022-06-12, 23:59h EEST. Pre-selected start-ups will be invited to pitch in front of a jury. During 2022 cohort, it is expected to accept 28 startups into Stage #1, 8 startups into Stage #2, and 3 startups into Stage #3. Depending on the stage of your team/company, you will either get invited to Stage #1, Stage #2, Stage #3 (you don’t have to go through all the stages)

The Climate-SAFE has been designed as a founder-friendly, and efficient means for Climate-KIC to invest in Europe’s most exciting Climate-tech companies. The Climate-SAFE is a simple agreement for future equity – a convertible investment.

The Climate-SAFE is a €50,000 investment that is made up of cash via the ClimAccelerator grant (€20 000) + access to Stage 2 of the ClimAccelerator and an additional services package provided by the Climate-KIC team to support the startups once they have graduated from the ClimAccelerator programme.

As part of the investment programme we are working with ‘Seedlegals’ to issue a new ‘offer letter’ on acceptance to the ClimAccelerator which will be followed by the Climate-SAFE for startups that are selected to proceed to Stage 2.

Climate-SAFE investment terms (for stage 2 offer):

  • €50,000
  • No valuation cap
  • €250,000 qualifying round
  • 20% discount
  • 24 month longstop

FAQ about Climate-SAFE investment terms: HERE
Info session about Climate-SAFE investment terms (recording): HERE

No problem, just send an email to balticsk-climaccelerator@rtu.lv  or your local contact point.



If you have any questions about the application process or the programme, please get in touch via e-mail:


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Contact point for Slovakia:

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